‘Leave Right Now’ for new CBBC live action drama ‘Almost Never’. Airing from January 2019

Co-written with Julian Emery.

New Songs for SING SING SING with CBeebies! Airing from November 2018

Molly and Mack for CBeebies: Airing November 2018

Molly and Mack is a brand new drama series based on the daily adventures of a Scottish village community. The warm-hearted stories reflect the characters’ humour, spirit and interconnected lives as the friends and neighbours live happily in the beautiful village of Bridgetown. I wrote the theme song and integrated songs for the show and got to play some fiddle too!

The series producer is Dominic MacDonald.

'Kit and Pup' for BBC Worldwide: Airing from July 2018


This 52 part series will take pre-schoolers on a journey through the world of opposites and materials. I am currently working on music for this show with composer Jamie Salisbury. I am also singing the theme song that we wrote! The show is mixed animation and live-action, and combines comedy with physics and aims to inspire creative thinking with the help of super cute animated friends Kit and Pup. The series is produced by CBeebies’ in-house team in conjunction with BBC Worldwide. Tom Cousins is the series producer and Putul Verma is executive producer. Animation is by Bristol-based Sun and Moon Studios.

Tee and Mo for CBeebies and TVO Canada : Airing from March 2018

In March 2018 I finished scoring 50x 7 minute epsidoes of "Tee and Mo" for CBeebies! This gorgeous pre-school animation series is narrated by Lauren Laverne and created by BAFTA winning production company PLUGIN MEDIA.  I have worked very closely writing music for the series with jazz pianist and composer Joss Peach.

Together with director Dominic Minns we have also written an album of children's songs to accompany the show called "Never Say No To The Music".  It features award winning jazz singer Lianne Carrol, west-end star Lillie Flynn and Lauren Laverne on vocals.

The song "Come on, Get Up" was nominated for a 2016 BAFTA for Best Children's shortform.

The song "Are We Ready To Go?"  won a 2016 award at the international festival Prix Jeunesse.


'Feeling Better' for CBeebies: Airing from March 2018

Autumn 2017  I wrote 26 songs for CBeebies show 'Feeling Better', each one about a different emotion. This lovely show teaches kids to identify their feelings and talk about them with friends and family. The show was made by BBC Scotland and produced by Donna Damassa and Ewan Torrance.

Radha, Ben & Breagha!

Radha, Ben & Breagha!

In my studio with radha and Ewan

In my studio with radha and Ewan

May 2018 - A new song for CBeebies House "Let Friendship Grow"

Milkshake TV

Summer 2017: I worked with Paul Drew to create the music re-brand for MIlkshake TV on channel 5... We also wrote a number of songs for Miklshake TV including Milkshake Party and Milkshake Christmas.


Other Children's Songs and Themes: